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The TR-01 v3.0 is the latest entry in a long line of digital rotary engine compression testers from TwistedRotors. Building on the sucess of both the v1.0 and v2.0 designs, the TR-01 v3.0 features a new and more affordable design. Over 12 years of research and development have contributed to the v3.0 tester.

Features include:

  • Barometric Correction - an internal barometric pressure sensor provides the v3.0 with real-time atmospheric pressure levels to allow for local elevation and weather condition correction.

  • 150psi pressure transducer - the main component of any rotary engine compression tester, the 150psi pressure transducer provides the TR-01 with an accurate and high-resolution signal.

  • Latest firmware - 12 years of refinement have gone into making the firmware code efficient, powerful and accurate.

  • Compact handheld case - a redesigned Printed Circuit Board (PCB) has allowed all of the hardware adopted from the v2.0 to fit in a smaller case.

  • Printer port - the v3.0 features a printer port compatible with the TR-P printer (available separately)

  • Low battery voltage warning - another feature inherited from the v2.0 is the low battery warning to let you know when it is time to replace the 9v battery.

  • In stock and ready to ship immediately! $200 + shipping

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