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TR-01 v3.0 Rotary Engine Compression Tester


The TR-01 v3.0 is the newest rotary engine compression tester from TwistedRotors and the result of over 12 years of development. It combines all the best features from the previous models but at an even more affordable price! ​

Click here for more information.

TR-01 Open Source - DIY

The TR-01 Open Source is a Do-It-Yourself rotary engine compression tester. It features a simple design that gives you accurate and consistent compression test results. This tester is perfect for someone who enjoys the satisfaction of building their own projects. It is a great intro to the world of micro-controllers!

You may purchase the items to assemble your own TR-01 OS below. My free firmware is also available for download.

And make sure to check out my YouTube channel for instructions.

TR-01 Sensor Kit

$60 + shipping


Use the button below to download the TR-01 OS Firmware from my Google Drive. 

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